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Birthday Song
Urban - Smooth R&B
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Erick Jones
2010 Erick Jones
January 10, 2011
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3:22 minutes
Story behind the song
Drums: Thank you Rebirth Synths: Roland V-Synth GT Vocals: Sampled and played through the Roland V-Synth GT vocal designer Synth tracks recorded on a Zoom R16 and imported into Sony Acid Free download but if you want to use this song in your video productions or other projects, please license it.
Whisper: Happy birthday Happy birthday baby [Birthday] Happy birthday baby It's your birthday today were gonna celebrate your day It's your birthday today It's your birthday today [Birthday] girl there's something I just wanna say my special wish for you today is that you have things your own way cause it's your birthday, gonna celebrate Girl I'm gonna treat you right dinner dancing candlelight girl you're gonna have some fun tonight cause it's your birthday, gonna celebrate
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