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Little Mermaid from Tennessee
She used to have legs and now she has a mermaid tale to tell. Magic guitar is to blame...always is...
World - Traditional Hawaiian
Previous peak charts position #91
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Kathy Moxham
March 07, 2004
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1:21 minutes
Story behind the song
[description of the song] The Incredible Mr Limpid starts off life as a chorus girl rather than Barney Fife... [how the song got started] My sister, Patty, gave me a flat, painted tin ornament. It's a mermaid. She has big green eyes and long brown hair and a little guitar. Since the song, Patty has sent me other mermaids, as well. Ornaments and stickers. Keep those mermaids comin'! I lov'em. [about the recording] This song always reminds me of Larry Loo when I sing it because it is a favorite of his, and I played it about 1000 times in a home recording so I was Loo Loo after that. Today we recorded at Garth's studio, and this is what you hear here. Doug Logan - Rhythm Guitar, ukelele, lead guitar Kathy Moxham - Vocals and ukelele Engineered by Garth Webber at Red Rooster Studios. [a little more information] If the song is unclear to you, I'll explain...she is actually from Memphis, Tennessee.
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