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Lil $am - Prepare For War
A song off of an upcoming album
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
Previous peak charts position #757
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #87
December 25, 2010
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128 kbps bitrate
3:45 minutes
(Speaking) Yeah, you know the name. I just wanna bring y'all n*** s to my motherf*** ing world for a moment. Uhh, here we go. (Verse 1) What does it take to make it? My legs are steadily breaking. From running and running for nothing, this hunger is coming in much tougher than ever, I can't shake it. Im stuck inside this matrix. I struggle to find the basics. Im lunging and lunging down under, this youngster is struggling to cope with fact that Im hated. But nothing stops this anger. Every moment, y'all in danger. Cuz I wanna just reach up and grab you, make you suffer for every moment I had to. Friends treat me like a stranger. Good riddance, middle finger, Up to the world, say I got a bad attitude, why don't you shut the f*** up, did I ask you? This is Sam, the one you all turned your backs to. Yeah, the same one that was up in class, fool. You probably wouldn't remember since I done passed you. And tell Ms. Jackson from last year that she crash too. For getting me kicked out an already bad school, because I left off campus to get some fast food. But how did I become the villain, and the menace when other n*** s is shooting dice up in the bathroom? (Hook 2x) This, is not the end. Im getting mines, dont care for yours. Slip, til we descend. This is the time, prepare for war. Im taking more, Im taking more. U wanna see me fall. But I will not drop, won't stop, or stumble, slip, or fall until I can see it all Can somebody tell me why they wanna see me fall? And inside this cell, think I really need the law? Its the law of the jungle, these bars'll become you. Need caution to mumble, but it's hard to be humble. Im so lost in this jumble, think my heart's gonna crumble? Hell nah, Ima boss, never falling or stumble. This is war so we just fall off in a rumble. Get a couple war wounds, a scar, and some trouble. But its nothing that a n*** ain't used to. These four walls and guards may suit you, But not me, Ima bout to break outta here. My heart is so cold, it's kinda like outer wear. But I dont wear it on my sleeves, keep my feelings inside. All I have is determination and my will to survive. So many insecurities I keep concealed my pride. But that purity of soul that I shield with my life, Is the only thing keeping me alive. We can be done died. But that light is gleaming deep inside. Secretly I cried... With tears streaming down these eyes. Little man, you aint gotta give into these lies. They gon tell you anything, just read between the lines. Find yourself, cuz your friends could be demons in disguise. Free yourself for this plight, you dont need to scream and hide. Just fight with all you got, until you meet me in the skies. Cuz.. (Hook 2x)