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Tristelle & Urnmuth (Sound Design / Voiceover)
Software / Equipment Used: Reaper 2.5, WaveLab Lite, Proteus VX, SM58...etc.
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Timea Szasz
Timea Szasz
December 22, 2010
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Story behind the song
I woke up yesterday and this idea came to my thoughts. I wanted to do some sound designing + voiceovers, so soon this story crystallised in my head. I quickly got a pen and a piece of paper and started writing the words. Then recorded the voiceover + loads of background sounds from the kettle in the kitchen to some psyllium husks or throwing a handful of stones into water...etc. It was loads of fun! :D So here's the story! :) Tristelle, a mortal warrior is on a mission to enter a new realm not yet known to her. She has to squeeze through a hole where she slips and finds herself in a cold and snowy, almost pitch black place. She sees the tiny sparkle of a torch not very far from her, so she runs through the snow towards it. By the time she gets there it's gone out, so she tries to relight it when suddenly some red shadow appears and a demon emerges. She peaks through a bush she's hiding behind and sees an entire cave system with boiling water bubbling up to the surface. The water seems to be deadly and controlled by the demon; Urnmuth. He soon makes Tristelle realise he is harmless to her as his duty is to keep the mines and only let through worthy warriors. Urnmuth laughs at Tristelle when he first sees her and doesn't think that she is worthy enough to enter...until she gives him a long gone object that brings back joyful memories for him. Urnmuth knows that the Crystal Needle has been kept extremely safe and only the bravest heart would be able to regain it and bring it back to where it belongs. As a reward Urnmuth stops the deadly stream and lets Tristelle through. It seems like our demon isn't the only one celebrating the appearance of such a precious article; it also attracts unwanted company; Tristelle will soon face her first foe who's waiting for her just 'round the corner....
URNMUTH: "I sense your presence intruder; there's no need to hide!" TRISTELLE: "Who are you?" URNMUTH: "I am Urnmuth, the keeper of the mines. You shall not cross the line, Mortal, unless you are worthy to face the dangers lurking in the realm of darkness." TRISTELLE: "I am worthy to do that!" URNMUTH: "Show yourself!... Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!" TRISTELLE: "What?!" URNMUTH: "Worthy?...Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You are as tiny as a flea!!" TRISTELLE: "I might be tiny, but I'm still a worthy warrior! Let me prove it! Here!" .... URNMUTH: .... "The Crystal Needle? I thought I'd never see it again.... You shall proceed warrior!!" UNWANTED COMPANY: "...Growl!"
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