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Alien Technology
Alien Technology is taking over my body/ High tech biology would bother any body/ with new and better qualities I'm transitioning forms/ I woke up in the dawn with hoofs claws and horns/ all by M. Rooney
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HipHop - New School
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M. Rooney
March 03, 2004
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Story behind the song
I keep having these dreams of turning into an alien. Its really disturbing so I wrote a rap about it.
excerpt: its a nightmare I cant stop the metamorphosis. THe more of this I get, I forfeit just a portion less of my humanity: I'm changing/ I though it was the devil. My DNA is rearranged to intergalactic levels, this insanity is making quite a lesser man of me. I plan on taking over the entire planet, G. I wanna purge this like persians from greece in asia minor/ I cant stop my hands wont respond to my desires. . .