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My Family of Latvia
This song is dedicated to my cousin in Latvia, Inara Mezapuke, whopassed away on Thanksgiving, 2010. My prayers go out to her family.
Rock - Folk Rock
Previous peak charts position #984
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #49
Arnie Stanton and Janis Janpavlis
December 15, 2010
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4:14 minutes
Story behind the song
My cousin Janis Janpavlis, who I met there, plays guitar in this song. We hope that you will enjoy listening to this. If you like the group, Dead Can Dance, you will probably like Latvian folk music, so check out this streaming radio station: http://www.radiooira.lv/ If that is too earthy and intense for you, you can hear more Americanized Latvian music here at http://lr2.latvijasradio.lv/
A beautiful gem in the hand of God Your mysteries beckon me I listen and look And I await: (Chorus) The cold beauty of winter’s night Soon meets the joy of spring’s sunrise We swim together under the summer sky And hug each other at fall’s sunset Awaken my heart Awaken my heart An amber poem of ancient paths A painting of gold, green, red and white No mere magic created you My family of Latvia You are in God’s dreams (chorus)