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Mauri Berg
Adelaide, S.A.  Australia
Born on October 7, 1945.
I am a guitarist/songwriter/performer since the '60s. I recently had to quit live playing due to illness but still use Cubase to compose and record new music.
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Rock : Progressive Rock
Rock : Instrumental Rock
Instrumental guitar rock, a blend of blues, jazz/fusion, and even classical elements, I like to think my music has an original edge to it.
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About Me
I created a new artist/band account, 'Mickey Finn' (1976 - 1992) to post some music from this band. The original songs were recorded around '77 in our band's house rehearsal cellar on a 'TEAC A-3440 Four Channel SIMUL-SYNC' machine, the first multitrack recorder affordable for the home studio. The tapes (some damage) were digitised some 15yrs ago then recently remastered. All songs written by me and Uncle John Eyers, arranged by the band. BTW, the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm auditioned Bon Scott (vocalist in Fraternity and Fraternity MKII of which I was member) in our cellar, they bashed out a few tunes for a couple of hours and it must've gone well as history shows! After Bon left us to join AC/DC, Fraternity MKII evolved into Mickey Finn. As a member of Fraternity MKII I was recently inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame, not the Grammys but is very cool nevertheless ;)! I've played in several respected aussie rock/blues bands, including W.G. Berg, Headband, Fraternity MKII, Mickey Finn and lastly the now defunct HOY-HOY!. A while back another of my previous bands, 'Headband' was inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame!
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Hi Mauri. If you pass by I have a new song up. Pure rock'n roll this time: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13876386 Cheers Holger
Hi Mauri. Happy Easter! I hope you are doing well. I have a new one up called "Full Flight Julie" Cheers Holger.
Thanks for coming by and leaving such a great comment Mauri, good to hear from you! Spent last week in Italy playing for the rowdy Italians now this week resting up, I don't remember when gigs started to be such physical work...comes with age I guess... Have a great week!
Hi Mauri. Your comments are always most welcome, even if you do not get around SC every day! I am just glad to see that you still come here an to read your very nice and insightful comments. Take care! Holger.
Haven't seen much of you lately. I just hope you are still working with music. You sure have a lot to give! I have a new one up called "The impact remains the same". Cheers Holger
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