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D Stone
Bedford, Beds  United Kingdom
Born on January 18
Songwriter and multi instrumentalist
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Blues : Blues Rock
Blues,Rock, Swing,Funk,Country, blues
Alternative : Alternative General
Eclectic,English eccentricity. A touch of Electronica a dash of indie Jazz and Folk too,plus occasional full on guitar playing and fiddle scraping plus world
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About Me
I am a Musician and composer, playing Keyboards Violin and Guitar, but I also work in IT doing programing so I am sort of geeky. I was also involved in starting an artists agency. I have a partner that I have been with for quite a while. Official Bio About Diana Stone Diana is a performing composer and musician playing Piano Violin & Guitar, synths and other stuff. She was a founder member of Rock/Roots band Elephant Shelf and also the Delta Ladies. She composes in a variety of styles from pop to rock to Jazz and and classical music .Diana is also expert in multi-media recording and music production. Glass Cage is the name that Diana's solo projects use. have been playing various instruments since I was about 15. I started on Harmonica, because it looked easy and it was cheap. I didn't get on that well with it though. I had always enjoyed the Piano but where I was living it was not possible for the family to have one frustratingly. We tried to get my Grandmas old piano, but sadly we lived in an upstairs flat and could not get it in. I made do with something called a reed organ, which was a bit like a harmonium with an electric blower. I did learn some basic things on it though. I also had a guitar which I made serious efforts with too. One instrument I had always really liked was the Violin and I started playing that too. You can read more on my blog http://www.glass-cage.com/dianas_blog/
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March 2019  

So whats sup. Sup. Well a couple of gigs. One in Chelmsford at the UB on Friday and one at the Woodbine nr Waltham Abbey (just in to Epping Forest) on Saturday. Both were good fun and people seemed enjoy the general racket.

I had a slight panic with my phone and though I had screwed it up but it turned to be a slightly wonky usb lead. It has wireless charging so I shall do it that way from now. Panic over. Why though don't' they indicate which way is up with USB leads?

My sister is who is diabetic is having to go on to injecting insulin. If it works out she may only have to do this for a...
Happy New Year 2019   I hope your new year is a good one and that you are all making and listening to lots of great music.
All around the world  

Well at the moment I am really liking the new style Soundclick. Its pretty cool. Its summer here in England. Its a bit warmer than we usually have it though. Its really inspiring to see how many people there are making music all around the world. Wow. All that creativity. Your are all amazing. keep doing what you're doing people.
Wishing you a grand spring....!!!!
D, Thanks so much for the friendship! Keep making great music! Take it Easy, Brian (blucas)
clive richardson
Hi D, I'm just stopping by to say thanks for the add....and keep up the great work! :o) Enjoy the rest of your week, ~Clive~
Hi Diana, thanks for accepting my invite.
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