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Magnus Lassila
Ume, Sweden
Born on November 25, 1978.
Uses a lot of various aliases such as Coast, Annie Orb and Johnny Angelo to name a few
My own artist pages
Alternative : Experimental
Abt travels within Jazz but we are never confined by it.
Instrumentals : Film Music
Film music, Ambient, installation music. Really just about anything.
World : Traditional European
Pop : Adult Contemporary
Coast plays down to earth AoR with country and synth influences... I hate labeling music, especially mine since each song I make falls into either 5 different c
Country : Rockabilly
Rockabilly, Dub, Reggae, And Blues all in one.
Pop : Adult Contemporary
Alternative : Grunge
Electronic : Games Soundtrack
Instrumentals : Jazzy Beats
Soundtrack style Cool Jazz
Pop : Pop Rock
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About Me
Any questions can be sent to Magnus@energiretur.se. Born -78 sa technically I'm a hippie, And I look like one. Works as a head chef. But spends most of my time making music. Just about anything... I love almost all kinds of music. At least as long as it is honest and "Real". Apart from doing "my" music I also do a lot of theatre work, movie work and making music for various productions, which I find most fulfilling. It's easier yet harder. Let me elaborate. Most of the time there are no lyrics involved, only instrumental music, making the process faster (sometimes). And also the director can often give you an example of what the music should be like in broad terms, also sometimes giving you another piece of music saying something like this... So quite often it's a question of copying without copying...
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Commented on his status Jun 4
Updated his about me. May 26
Just added a few covers that i did today. Spent a few hours playing around in the studio. Hope you enjoy...
Ginger is back with another great song: "Bara Vara Med Dig", check it out, it's free. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1122218
Just released A new artist called Ginger. Please check her out. A smashing new song called Har Ar Jag (Here I Am).
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