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Morten Gjermundsen
Born on June 10, 1980.
My own artist pages
Electronic : Games Soundtrack
A collaboration of artists creating music inspired by the FusionFall video game and MANGA comic 'Worlds Collide!!'
Rock : Instrumental Rock
Instrumental rock,metal,classical,film music,video game music,
World : New Age
A mix of different styles.New Age,Classical,Progressive,Rock,Metal.
Electronic : Games Soundtrack
New age,video game & film music by Morten Gjermundsen.
World : New Age
Classical : Baroque
ASTRONOMUSIC, a project by Zozimo Rech & Adrianne Simioni, performing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Electric guitars, electric bass, synthesizer, replacing the u
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About Me
Hi & Thanks for stopping by and checking the tunes i've posted here!

My name is Morten and im a guitarplayer from Norway. If you're an Soundclick artist and have some music you would like to share with me, please let me know by posting a link to the tune(s) on my message board. Thanks! :)

Head over to the FusionFall Project page to listen to my

latest collab with the guys from the FFP :D

Check out the Clicker's Club for music & chats with other soundclick members.

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Posted on Michael Duran's message board. Oct 23, 2018
Posted on FendrGuitPlayr's message board. Oct 6, 2018
Liked Alan L Cole's song Radio Tunes. Feb 21, 2017
Liked Michael Duran's song Oooh Yeah!. Feb 20, 2017
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New collab with Carlo and Zozimo   Please check out my latest collab with Carlo and Zozimo :) You can listen to it here. Thanks to Carlo and Zozimo for letting me join.:) Please check Carlo's page and Zozimo's page for more great music. :)
heya master morten a new song is up there named wintertime one greetz from snowy saltcastle
happy new new year and fine times at next best greeeetz from cold and rainy saltcastle :----------)))))))))))))
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family cuz !
Hi Morten. I hope youa re doing all right! I have a new one up: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13795857
Michael Duran
Thank you for the good wishes my friend, my life continues onwards.. I hope your hard work & studies lead to the life you've dreamed, all my best to you Morty!
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