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just a singer guitar player creating songs in many genres
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Alternative : Experimental
rock, blues, acoustic and anything.
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Instrumentals - R&B
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a mix of blended dittys :)

Hi Kathy! thanks for the visit my friend, yes things are doing fine here as I hope to hear from your site!! Some works at home needed much attention last week, but now it´s over! Please have a great upcoming week my friend. -Spin-
Hi Kathy thanks for your comments very much appreciated, we are all melting here over the pond lim not complaining though, hope you are well have a nice weekend. :)
You said my music was inspiring awhile back. coming from you that's a real fine compliment and I will allow myself to humbly accept it and I reciprocate that to you. Thanks...
Waving an hello to you, hope everyting´s fine over there! Peace, -Spin-
Hello Kathy just came to say hello and wishing a nice relaxed weekend to you, hope everything´s fine at your side! Peace, -Spin-
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