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just a singer guitar player creating songs in many genres
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Alternative : Experimental
rock, blues, acoustic and anything.
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Where is everyone?
So if you scroll down my song list to When Your High, there's a recent hint of what I look like, with a big facial possum , cat in hat hat, and elton john glasses that is. The Possum is mostly gone at present. I kind of miss cuddling up with it.
thank you Kathy! Greatly appreciated! I still can't work this new sight very Well, it is not designed very well and everyone is complaining..but it may be the best what we will have here. I like things better the way they were...!
Hey Kathy, Thanks for liking my song I got a new one up called Our old Bones I invite your ears and thoughts on. I have been working on getting my keyboard chops on, still basic stuff but I am slowly getting it back after a longbreak. Hope all is good where you are, I think winter has let go here finally, thankfully! Have a good weekend...!
Funny you say that. Better Place To Be is a reflection on the times. as it goes in the song Will anybody get the message is the question . Doing my best to have empathy for all..
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