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KaiN Kinetic
Jackson, Mi  USA
Born on March 12, 1983.
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Electronic : Industrial
Electronic : Industrial
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About Me
I am the dreamer behind B.m.m. I have been writing industrial / ambient electro music since about 1999. My sound is always evolving. My intent remains the same. Destroy beauty and infect youth. Listen, Enjoy, feedback!
Subscribe to my station. IF your an industrial band/artist and you would like to be added, simply leave me a message.
To contact me - aim- bipolarkain yahoo - xbipolarmuskx myspace.com/bipolarkain,
other B.M.M sites-"
James Takacs
Dude, No Way!!! I was reading through my Message board, First time this year and I came across a message you sent. My wife suggested I title my forthcoming album "Bipolar" this morning because there is absolutely NO rhyme or reason behind the genre of music I do! So I agreed! I then comer to your page and what do I see!! LMFAO!!! I absolutely Love your Production and writing style!! I am a Major Industrial Fan but have been caught up in a Cheese/pop rut latelly!!! Just gotta unplug a bunch of gear and get back to the basics like I used to, but not by choice!! ;) Keep up the GREAT music Bro!!! Cheers! Jim
heya i join this site to download your music but im a little stuck and dont know how to, could you please tell me how to download the songs ?
Juan de Leon
hellow paL i add some more pics wallpapers if u wanna see...... salutes to you and keep infecting youth forever
just wanted to say i can't wait for your new album next year :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I Am Bmm's Biggest Fan You Guys Rule
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