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Born on April 4, 1978.
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About Me
looking for good unknown music, especially bands or musicians who use mythology and pagan themes in their works. i am also a major fan of medieval, celtic, and many other kinds of music, and of artists who are willing to go out on a limb to express their dissatisfaction with the world and offer realistic solutions to make a difference. in real life i am a professional archaeologist. visit me at http://myspace.com/cerridwenns_cat or http://cerridwenns-cat.covenspace.com/ if you want to make friends
the Four Corners Goddess Temple project   the pagan circle i practice with (the Order of the Cauldron of the Sage) is starting an exciting new project. we want to build an environmentally friendly, all faiths temple (the Four Corners Goddess Temple). this would be located in an easily accessible spot to anyone who wanted to visit, and would be open to individuals or groups who wanted to have a special place to meditate, for people who feel uncomfortable connecting to a female deity (or any unconventional deity) in the other holy places that are available to them, and of course for our circle to celebrate our own holidays. it is an ...
Happy New Year. Here's wishing you happiness and prosperity in 2009. -DL
Here's wishing you the best of this fine Yule, and happy new year 2009. -DL
Thanks for accepting my friend request. Don't forget to give my music a listen. Thanks again. Jim
Hello, Cerridwenn, I'm just dropping in on this fine Samhain evening, and hoping that life finds you well. :) BB, DL
I'm just dropping in to say hello. :) Blessed be --DL
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