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Howie Fritz
Randolph, NJ  USA
Born on January 4, 1956.
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Rock : Garage Rock
Howie Fritz Blues, Instrumental, Experimental... Howie Fritz Project includes: Kevin McGee (bass), Mike Gelatto (bass), Andy Fritz (drums), Alex Barakat (drums), Chris Mele (drums), Justin (drums), Chuck (sax), Sydney Fritz (snow bells), Stephan
Blues : Blues Rock
Country : Country General
Blues. Jam. Poetry.
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Good to hear from you Howie how's things going in your neck of the woods ?
It's In My Blood check it out Cuz tell me how you like the tone & by the way have a kick ass weekend ;) http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9086511
My Christmas Wish For You My Christmas wish for you, my friend Is not a simple one For I wish you hope and joy and peace Days filled with warmth and sun I wish you love and friendship too Throughout the coming year Lots of laughter and happiness To fill your world with cheer May you count your blessings, one by one And when totaled by the lot May you find all you've been given To be more than what you sought May your journeys be short, your burdens light May your spirit never grow old May all your clouds have silver linings And your rainbows pots of gold I wish this all and so much more May all your dreams come true May you have a Merry Christmas friend And a happy New Year, too
Have a great Halloween weekend Howie !!!
Hey Howie how are you these day's ? Dropping by to say hello and wish you a great weekend I hope all is well your way and times are good for you ;)
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