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Dave Evans
Fat Chance
San Jose, CA  USA
Born on February 18, 1954.
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Rock : Rock General
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About Me
Primarily a songwriter, I played guitar and sang in original local bands with names like Destiny, Streetwise, Windstorm. Of these, Windstorm had the most potential. Before imploding, we opened shows for a number of 70s and 80s luminaries. We have been known to make sneak attacks on the unwary into the 21st Century.
Brusin' for a Crusin'   So we board the ship and go to our room on Deck 2. I am thinking that is near the top - because the top level has to be deck 1, right? No, Deck 1 is near sea level. Silly me.

We leave the room with our eye on the buffet, which is on Deck 12, or 11 decks above where we are now. This being the first day, the elevators are packed.

For some reason I not only think I am still 18 but also in incredible shape, so I tell the wife I will take the stairs and meet her on Deck 12. Yeah, right.

Deck 2 to Deck, 3 no problem; practically running.

Deck 4 feeling a little winded; now I'm walking.

Around ...
jesse de la o
Nice jamm!
Hi Dave. Vote for our video HURRICANE ( McToztov & Kolyada ) :-) http://www.realmusic.ru/video/?period=month&sortBy=rating
vmp 07
Hey Dave, Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas. :)
seth smivet
Hey Dave how are you doing, long time no etc. I finally got round to finishing my "facing mortality" song in answer to your "From my Point of View". See what you think. Let me know when you put anything new up. Cheers Steve
Hey Dave! I wanted to say hi, let you know I'm back from holidays, have a new tune up for you to listen to, and hope all is well. The new song is called "Where Your Quarter Goes" and it's a bluesy, jazzy, rock song. Let me know what you think! Blessings! By the way, what is the newest song you've uploaded? When I look at your music page, it's not in order of newest upload to oldest like mine is (at least, it doesn't show that way to me).
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