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Born on February 4, 1970.
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Electronic : Ambient
An italian 8 members chillout orchestra who plays a mix of electronic and acoustic chillout music with ambient, jazz and new age influences.
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About Me
I'm the big, 6' tall (184 cm) co-founder of TWM, the chillout and prog electronica band named "The Wimshurst's Machine". Music and soundtracks are my passions, as well as cinema. I love irony and fun (but who doesn't love to have fun?).
"Aquarius (the best of TWM)" out in 2010!   ENGLISH: officially presented by The Wimshurst's Machine the 1st "Best of" collection of the band. WIll contain 22 tracks, all in alternative mixes or radio edits of some of the most-wanted tracks. Will also contain 2 previously unreleased tracks! Probably available since December 2009 (for phisical CD) on CDbaby and January 2010 for the downloadable versions. "Aquarius (the best of TWM)" is now available on CDbaby! US$ 10.99 for phisical CD sale and at US$ 6.99 for CD download! :)

ITALIANO: presentato ufficialmente dai TWM la prima raccolta con il meglio dei The ...
Remaster Out Now! :-D   ENGLISH: we're proud to present "Remaster", the official remastered edition of our 1st 2 CDs "A traveller who didn't ask for glory" and "The Alchemist". Fully remastered tracks and presented as a 2 CDs set, with a new external cover art you may find it between the "photo" section of this stite. More than 2 hours of hi-quality music! :-) The album is available for both Phisical and MP3 sale from CDbaby:
This album was defined "A relaxed, intelligent mix of acoustic and electronic music, from chillout to rock, from ambient to progressive electronica, with jazz and world ...
TWM on Nokia Trends Lab   ENGLISH: if you have some spare time, we would need some push in the "Nokia Trends Lab" contest. How to help us? Simply (if you speak at least a bit of italian) going to: https://www.nokiatrendslab.it/nokiaformusic/schedaartista/310 and voting for our song "Return to Freedom". :-)

ITALIANO: se avete un po' di tempo a disposizione, ci farebbe comodo un voticino in piĆ¹ nel concorso "Nokia Trends Lab". Come fare? Semplicemente andate su https://www.nokiatrendslab.it ed iscrivetevi. Quindi andate su https://www.nokiatrendslab.it/nokiaformusic/schedaartista/310 e votate la nostra "Return to

It's been a long time since we've done any promoting. Koalition is back up and running. We have a new video posted on our site, for the song "Freedom Wasn't Free". When you get a chance stop by and check it out & tell us what you think of the video. We are also offering free mp3 downloads on our main site. All you have to do is sign up for or newsletter on our main site to gain access to our download page. A high quality version of the video is available for download as well. you can also access the video though my profile thanks alot Aarion Lee Koalition
Melissa Boneau
Just passing by to say HI =) as I'm browsing my friends list tonight. Peace and Happiness.
Thnx for Accepting as! Thats much Appreciated! I like what I see here in your home...
Angelika and Demons
Happy New Year! Love, good health, happiness, success! Let all your dreams will come true! Kisses Angelika
Moonlight Label
Nice to know you! Have a great day and be safe... Moonlight Label
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