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Rough demos and unfinished projects by some of the members of The Non-Stick Panzers who were getting fed up with the name The Non-Stick Panzers.
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There is nothing to be said, and it's still too much.
The Battle of Largs, 1263: The Timeline   21 June, 1263 (12.10 pm) - Brahan Flaake, seer to Haakon IV, King of Norway, predicts that oil will be found under the North Sea.

21 June 1263 (12.15 pm) - Flaake tells Haakon IV of his prediction. Haakon IV immediately realises the strategic importance of Scotland. He puts off his plans to attend an Abba tribute night and instead assembles an invasion fleet.

22 June, 1263 - Shuggie ‘Crystal’ Ball, seer to King Alexander III of Scotland (known as Alex The Red) predicts North Sea oil, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Viking invasion and Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. He immediately tells Alexander, ...
William Watson-Watt   "Most of us have heard of the famous Scot, Robert Watson-Watt, and will know him as the man who did so much for Britain in the dark days of World War 2 by developing the world's first working radar. Some may even be aware that he was a descendant of the famous Scottish engineer and inventor of the first practical steam engine, James Watt. Few will be aware, however, that Watson-Watt had a less well-known brother whose contribution to literature should never be under underestimated. William Watson-Watt (well-kenned wit and worldly-wise womaniser) invented alliteration whilst working as a window...
Guy Debord   Guy Debord was a Scot, who by a strange quirk of fate, was born in Paris of French parentage in December 1931. A writer, hedonist and French Situationist filmmaker, Debord was also a founding member of the opposing groups “Situationist International” and “Antisituationist International” as well as being a leading player in the early seventies craft movement “Letraset International”. His greatest claim to fame, however, came whilst studying law at the University Of Paris in 1954 in which he became the first man to attempt to define the concept of “psychogeography”. Unfortunately, only the ...
Hi Jurgen, Its great to meet someone else with a sense of humour, your reply to my blog gave my a really good laugh, thanks, and I can definately relate to the Drunk-Rock and other categories you mention, I've got a pissed-jazz track, a corny-country, and a fake-funk... And thanks for your friendship I really appreciate it, have a good one... Neil from STAN
Greetings from a sunny Sweden! Tack för vänadditionen. Larry M
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" goverment is best which governs least" i feel rebelious with a cause today, you should know how jelouse i am of you that you happen to be in the most beautiful part of the world and i am stuck here dreaming about it. well enjoy your land and i hope your global warming thing goes well and i promis i will do my part, in fact i sighned this polar bear SOS petition this morning, peace and love rebecca
bleedin brain music
Thanx For ADD ^5 Seeya in Heaven Cave Dweller BBMinc
No problem for me logging in to myspace..you haven't upset Murdoch recently have you? This is the first note I've sent on Soundclick myspace and the first time I've had a look at it other than accept friends - it's not a bad myspace clone.
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