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Ellen Zoccola
Ocean City, NJ.  USA
Born on December 27, 1950.
My own artist page
Rock : Rock n Roll
It is all Rock and Roll. We are a Rock band with 5 part
harmony. We do have an 80's Rock feel. Some people say it is AOR(Adult
Oriented Rock). Ou
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About Me
Been married forever, large wonderful family, PR, I have 5 Soundclick Stations and try and keep updated and bring new sounds please check them out below. I do the Love being near the ocean, have sand in my feet, If anyone is reading this and needs any graphic help on Soundclick, please feel free to email me. It's my hobby and I would be pleased to try and help with whatever!!! Anyone reading this Wish you every Success!!! Also on Facebook, please feel free to invite me Ellen Zee NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A THANK YOU
THanks for adding me. Love your music and will be visiting more now, that I have more time to do so.
Hey Ellen, hope you have a wonderful year in 2011. GOD bless you in all you do, RKWolford
Have a beautiful day, Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Ellen, stopped by to have a listen and to wish you a safe and wonderfull week end, GOD bless
Thank-you for adding Rocky Mtn Rag Ellen. Such a great theme & collection of pieces you have here. Cheers! Jeff
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