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Joey Vela
Little Rock , AR  USA
Born on July 8, 1968.
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Alternative : Experimental
Experimental, Art Rock, Crossover Prog, Jazz, Funk, Progessive Metal, Jam Band, Latin, Gospel, Soul, Blues, R&B, Santana, Incognito, Jamiroquai, Traffic, Rare Earth, Maggie's Dream
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About Me
I've been a musician ever since I got my first guitar for my 10th birthday way back in 1978. I am also classically-trained on percussion. I have played in a number of bands, played sessions, and played in several Houston area classical ensembles. Music has always been and continues to be for my own selfish amusement. However, if my music happens to touch even one soul, then what a great reward.
Recent Activity
Liked Sandra D. McCarthy's song Wrapped In Blue. Aug 21, 2015
Thanks Joey, nice to meet you too, L
Joey, thanks to your inspired playing, Electric Angels hit #1 on the Brit Pop Chart with Bob's Song "I am Burning".. Thanks for your help! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9038735
Martin Phillips
Hi Joe, thanks, you have some great tracks here. Martin
JOey! How are you? Got a new jam for ya ears, "If Only You Believe!(In The Funk!!)" I promised and I'm delivering the Funk baby!
liona boyd
Thanks for adding me to your station! :) - L
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