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Madison Dohmen
Fredonia, WI  USA
Born on July 19, 1987.
My own artist pages
Jazz : Jazz General
A. Patrick Dohmen is a solo jazz et alia artist who specializes in the chromatic keyboard but doesn't yet have an accordion because his parents won't let him ge
Electronic : Noise
CBiE_O is machines that grew up in the shadow of older machines and now have found out how to make life happen/ or to emulate life in sound The sound is coaxe
Alternative : Indie
Page Fortysix is a one-man electronica project currently experimenting with digital music production via personal computer. I'm totally bipolar.
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About Me
My name is ????. I'm not part of any single generalized categorization of human society. Are you? I am the amalgamation of everyone I meet, with ideas that are all my own. Pizza is what I eat. Love and beauty are what I keep alive. They call me ???? and I call myself ????, the great wandering artist; I come from Fredonia, WI and do crazy/beautiful things. I have a dream to unite this these people and bring them to their feet. Start a youth center. Start a youth revolution. Or just make music. Something small but nonetheless indelible. I rarely plan my evenings. I rarely plan my life. It works pretty well, though, and it always stays interesting. I drive a lot. I am a dog person and a cat person. I'm also a rodent person and a reptile person. It's a conflict of interests, but I manage just fine, somehow. I'm allergic to the little guys but I love them. My dream car is a Stutz Blackhawk ('72), but my current ride's a '96 Tercel. I have ADHD. I make rad music on my computer, and I've been killing on the piano since I was tiny. I draw too. I like movies, and video games, and reading, and sleeping, and exploring, and talking sometimes, and the United Kingdom, and I happen to love Jesus too. I'm a ???, a human, on Earth. Nice to meet you. Edit: OH WOW this is so OLD Edit 2: My name is Maddie now hahaha, i'm a girl
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