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walter tore
santa rosa, ca  USA
Born on September 26, 1957.
My own artist pages
Blues : Blues General
spontaneous blues
Alternative : Alternative General
Gwen is a poet, that when the mood hits, puts her words to music. She sings the songs one time and that is it. She sings for the joy of singing and is an ins
Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
rocky on guitar, vocals, and harp
Acoustic : Acoustic General
folk music from england
Country : Bluegrass
Blues : Blues General
Spontaneously created words and music, one man band, blues
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blue lemmings
I was bouncing around Soundclick and bumped onto Gwen Davis (who I guess is one of your students) who is intriguing with her music poetry combination. Also was surprise to see that you live in CA and are the same age as me (sorry, I thought you were older since you're much wiser). I've not been following the Bushman scene since they haven't revived the harp video contest. I still pop in, but... Gee, I was surprised I wasn't added to your friends list yet- boo-hoo. Anyway, just to say hi, and thanks for being an inspiration and help to so many of us. AKA- Housing 13
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Hi Walter, Just here to say hello! Must say that you are a great blues man my friend! Life is surely a strange journey ... Anyway - great stuff on your page as always! By the way, wish you and yours a Happy New Year! Greetings from Sweden, Svante / Clubsville
Hi Walter! Thought it was time to say Hello! A new week is coming up... Hope all is well with you. You know I like the sound on your page. By the way, have uploaded a new Blues track here. Hope you like what you hear my friend. Take a trip through the player and say what you think! Greetings from Sweden, Svante / Clubsville
Hi Walter, Just here to say hello! Have a great day my friend! All the best, Svante / Clubsville
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Hi Walter, Thought it was time to say hello! Good stuff on your page! Impressive number of good blues songs! Do listen to your songs and always find new favorites. Hope you like the sound here. Have a great weekend my friend! Greetings from Sweden, Svante / Clubsville
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