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Andrea Gerak
Born on January 15, 1968.
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The enigmatic Hungarian female voice
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About Me
Andrea Gerak - "The Enigmatic Hungarian Female Voice" - that's what some people say. Well, have a listen and judge for yourself! Enjoy :-)
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Liked Cambridge 2003's song Espíritu de los bosques. Dec 29, 2012
Back on Stage After Cancer Operation   Dear Friends,

In case you were wondering, what happened with this girl, how is she doing, this is the thing, and I quote here the press version of the situation:

"The recent months were rather eventful for Andrea Gerak: in between joyful travels and performances, medical examinations found cervical cancer with her. The Hungarian singer and her family was struck with the news as a surprise, for Andrea radiates vitality in her closer and broader environ alike. They tried to keep a low profile about it as for the public, one couldn't notice any signs of an illness at the concerts either.

In ...
MIX Magazine Interview   Bird, flying high - Two-page article in the February issue of MIX Magazin. (in Hungarian)

You can meet my husband and find out about some of my other favorites as well.

Read full English text here

In World Fusion Top 10!   SoundClick celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday. Congratulations!
They used the First Internet Charts (compiled in various genres from streamed plays and hot votes), and today, we are proud to see that on the World Fusion Charts, two songs are in Top 10 where Andrea Gerak is singing!

Don't Fall Asleep is Number2

And Yay, I've Been Freezing is Number7

I met
Cambridge 2003 (Ángel Orós) exactly through SoundClick some time ago, and the fruits of our co-operation are spreading around at other cyber places like...
Javier Vecino
I hope that everything will go well, this is my greatest wish for this year. Your voice has a lot of energy, I think that the person Andrea also has that energy. Greetings from Spain Javier
Hi Andrea, Just dropping by to leave some good stuff on your page good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff good stuff P e a c e
Johan Hermansson
Hi there! Thanks for adding my songs, "Down Brandywine river" and "Dance of the Dolphins" on your station. Your support is much apreciated. Keep well. Johan Hermansson / Dreamscapes production
Hello Andrea, just stopping by to say hi. I really enjoyed listening to your seven songs - beautiful :) Have a wonderful week! John.
steve gilmore
Hi Andrea, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Its hard to find time to do everything isn't it? :D My you have a beautiful voice, do you fancy working with me on a track?
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