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Frank McTruck
Flin Flon, MB  Canada
Born on January 29
Hi, I'm a musician, artist, photographer and underground cartoonist. Visit my Website at www.frankmctruck.com and my Art blog at www.experimental-toons.blogspot
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Electronic : Electronica
Frank McTruck Electronic Blues Harp Video Jungle Tribal Ambient Instrumental Mellow Hardcore Techno Industrial Breakbeat Rock Indie Trance Instrumental Experime
Blues : Blues Rock
Electronic : Electronica
Frank McTruck: Photographer, Graphic artist, Underground cartoonist, Electronic music composer, Blues harp musician, Indie Experimental Alternative Video Artist
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About Me
Hi, I'm a musician, artist, photographer, videographer and underground cartoonist. Visit my Website at www.frankmctruck.com and my Art blog at www.experimental-toons.blogspot.com.
Recent Activity
Updated his about me. Mar 7
Added a new blog post Visit my Art and Music Blog. Mar 7
Added a new blog post Lots more to come.... Oct 6, 2018
Visit my Art and Music Blog   Hi - I just finished re-coding my website at frankmctruck.com with a gallery of my recent cartoons and artwork plus links to my Music here on SoundClick! Album covers on the left and Blogs on the right.

I'm planning a lot more over the next year - 2020 should be a real eye-opener!
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Lots more to come...   My website at www.frankmctruck.com and my blog at www.experimental-toons.blogspot.com have seen a huge increase in traffic. My Sounclick bands have also seen a huge increase in streams over the last six months. Glad to see that you're interested! I'll be posting more photos, Winnipeg history and artwork over the next six months when I'm snowed in with my wife and three kittens. See ya!
I'm back to Change and Improve this site plus I have a new art blog!   I'm back with some changes and improvements and a new art blog.
Check the art and underground comics at experimental-toons.blogspot.com
Check out my website at frankmctruck.com
mario lochtenknapper
Hello ! Thanks for the add ! Greetings from Spain ! Mario
I am calling people who enjoy my music to request my music on M4R (Musick for Riots) 88.3 FM. This show is every Saturday from 5-7PM PST. Request DEAD NUMBER 339: Redeemer, Nocturnal B, Lithograph M, or Deceased Frank by calling (951) 827-5827 or AIM: hellokucr
Big upz to the d and b heads. Keep supportin the artists and spreadin the filth! vysE
Scientek Basement
Thanks for being part of our Friends Network here at Soundclick. Greets to your from Cologne! Have a nice Weekend. Arno Bege & Robert Quester from Scientek Basement BTW: Were still lookin for good Tracks for our Station here at Soundclick. If you have any suggestions please post them into our "Soundclick Radio Stations" Blog.
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