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jerry mallory
Youngstown, OH  USA
Born on November 28, 1960.
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(we have no answer) sunshine don't live here anymore one mistake and you close the door (v1) I cry on my pillow at night my life will never be alright there is no answer there is no answer not at this time ( chorus) cant even unwind there is no answer why did you move so far away im confused about your display (v2) your actions are ruining my life you wanna strike first with a knife here I am covered in my blood when it rains my blood turns to mud the day we met you were so sweet (v3) now you cut me to the white meat written by jerry Mallory better known as jerry 46 copyright 2018 check it out
hi im jerry 46 and I cant play or sing anymore..i was in Acoma.so I need a few collaborators.is there anyone interested....thanks
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