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Kev The Rev SAZ
Kev The Rev (SAZ)
Angus, Scotland  United Kingdom
Born on January 1, 1963.
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Rock : Classic Rock
SAZ - crushing heavy metal that's delivered with the firepower of a small army - featuring the core trio of electric guitar, electric bass and drums - a powerhouse of furnace heat proportions.
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About Me
Hi everyone....I'm Kev The Rev, song writer and guitarist with Dundee rock band, SAZ. After 20 years of recording and gigging, I feel that the time is right for the bands work to be made available to all....hence our youtube site, which will become a one stop shop to hear the best of all past recordings and view the pick of available video footage of the band....it is a work in progress and will be added to frequently.....
Check out our youtube site
here SAZ are still together and any future recordings will be featured there and on SoundClick. Thank you for your interest in SAZ, and I hope you enjoy the collection as much as we did, writing, gigging and recording it ....keep on rocking !!
Love the gallery and your pride for SAZ :) Nice...what do you have in the works?
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