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Clifton Park, NY  USA
Born on January 2, 1984.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
Metal : Alternative Metal
HipHop : Hip Hop General
We are the ghosts of our youth, haunting those bad choices you made and trying to remind you of what has and always will be important.
Metal : Heavy Metal
old material (some older than upload date). Most ideas I don't even agree with so just bear that in mind. Most of this material is older than 2006
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All is ok, i believe.   Well, i just found out that soundclick is becoming three dimensional now? It's amazing how myspace and other sites alike seem to cause a ripple in the internet pool. I suppose i'm happy with this, since it helps network better and achieves getting my music to potentional fans. Being a 'one man band' doesn't help obtain fans since i cannot do live shows. Only thing i can do is blast the live music i've created so far while driving around in hopes that at a stop light or stop sign, someone asks 'who is that' referring to the music i'm playing. Lame, but every little bit helps.

I have no ...
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