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Tony William
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Tony and a Piano, and a couple of keyboards, ~ and a coffee ~ and another coffee . . .
Acoustic : Acoustic Piano
Just Tony and a Piano . . .
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About Me
Hi Folks. First of all THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FRIEND REQUESTS. I don't do any "Social" stuff on Soundclick apart from a few people I've known for years BUT THANKS ANYWAY. Tony
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Widen your Soundclick Experience   Have you noticed how the Charts have become rather static since the new site design? Is it that the new site, although a huge improvement is slower to navigate? I always look down the lists - especially Jazz and Classical for excellent new people I've not heard before to promote. Remember! The Top is not always the best! - So EXPLORE and widen your Soundclick experience, that's my advice!
The Kinks and 2018 Hot Summer   Well the heatwave continues in the UK. It's funny how thoughts suddenly come to you. I switched on Mellow Magic Radio Station this morning and felt a shudder as the DJ said: "good morning, welcome to Mellow Magic Breakfast July 2, 2018". Phew, is it REALLY that long ago I used to get up on sunny mornings just after leaving school ready to go to a Newspaper Print job I hated, and switch on the BBC on an old valve radio (I still have stored in my roof) and love listening to The Kinks singing "Sunny Afternoon". The year was 1966! So don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today is my advice....
Manchester Halle Youth Choir - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"   A short video showing the 1 year Remembrance Service at Manchester Cathedral of the Arena Bombing at the Ariane Grande Concert in 2017. Once again "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" captures the moment above any other song . . .
I like the color scheme you have. I just finally got to embed a music player....patience is a virtue!
Thanks so much Tony and great photo with your granddaughter. Their due date is May 10th so it will be an exciting time!
Hi Tony, I did find “your thoughtful review without any floral embellishment” to be noteworthy, refreshing, and much appreciated. Thank you for stopping by. Means a lot to me. Have a enjoyable weekend my friend.
Thanks Tony for the visit and nice words on my parisien 'fling'. apriciated! Wish you a great week!
Thanks Tony! Hope all is well with you. #covfefe
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