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T.W. G.
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Tony and a Piano, and a couple of keyboards.
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Just Tony and a Piano . . .
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16 hours ago
Been sat sunbathing in February in England! Huh!
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Ex Pro. Pianist from Staffordshire-Cheshire Border, England, UK. Regular Soundclick User and Comment maker. Active Member of the now long defunct "Soundclick Seniors" Forum. Ex. Musicians Union UK North West Committee member fighting for pay and conditions for musicians. Ex. Equity Actor's Union. Sorry to leave the E.U. on 29-3-2019 but believe in our long-lasting friendship forever. Great admirer of USA.
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Hi Tony, thanks for checking out my songs - much appreciated! I enjoyed listening to your music, it's so nice to hear some solo piano work. The piano was my first love, I started playing as a child. I'll be back to listen to some more soon.
Thanks Tony! Reflecting the mood indeed. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
We have been snowed in for a while, better now with freezing rain...! Been watching some of the Brexit arguments on CNN, it is interesting and seems that some of the people there don‘t understand much more than I do... But it is a nice change from watching these stupid Democrats in the USA! Seems the news Channel has become the new comedy Channel...
We got a bit of snow but it's the biting windchills today and tomorrow that make it feels below zero. I have a nagging cold and this weather doesn't help but life goes on. Have a good week, Tony!
I added a suggestion to your SC to listen to blog posting. Have a good weekend Tony!
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