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Tony William
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Tony and a Piano, and a couple of keyboards.
Acoustic : Acoustic General
Just Tony and a Piano . . .
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About Me
Hi Folks. I'm here not only to MAKE Music ~ but to LISTEN to Music as well; and what an absolute delight some of it is. All the pics here were taken either of Loch Ness or near to Loch Ness, November 2018. ABOUT ME? Ex. Pro Pianist from donkey's years ago. If internet did not exist I may well have never played ever again. As it is though I've been on Soundclick since 2006 with lots of different accounts. and it's been a lot of fun. No ambitions in Music now at my age. Live a comfortable life as a UK Senior, in a great area, good health (thanks to the maker plus a careful lifestyle). Wife, - son and wife, granddaughter, and younger son presently living with us. In warmer weather I enjoy working on cars, gardens and stuff. As you get older I think making music is great for health and wellbeing, - I just escape to my music room and hours pass as quickly as minutes.
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Photos: Loch Ness a few days ago (posted 12/11/2018)   Just a few pictures for you guys to have a look at wherever you are. I know Loch Ness must be a place that resides only in people's dreams and if you are of Scottish Ancestry and living 1000s of miles away these pics may be of enjoyment to you. It was a 7 hour drive from where I live in Staffordshire Moorlands, England! - so click my member page to see. Go to "PHOTOS" - click to enlarge "FULL SIZE", and copy anything you like ;) Cheers - Tony (Sorry, monster did not show itself! - but it's there somewhere). (Photos taken by Tony Gayle Jnr.)
2019, sure does, Tony. I have my great grandfather's 1800s Waltham Pocket Watch. I don't think people even use pocket watches anymore. I will pass it down when the time comes...hopefully later than sooner.
That movie was very good and the scenes were the actual places where the events happened. Things are cold, but no snow, so we like that.
Thanks Tony. Your kind words on "Clickers Try Ball" are much appreciated. Sent you a friend request :0) Cheers Holger
Mr Grant
Hey Tony! Thanks SO much for coming through and enjoying my attempt at a Christmas song. :) I really appreciate the love. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well!
Very true my friend. November gave us two snowstorms but the warm rains have melted it all. Thanks and have a good weekend, Tony!
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