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Ron Elliott
Ronald F Elliott
Ford, WA  USA
Born on December 15, 1949.
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About Me
Grew up in Quapaw, Oklahoma. Live there for my 1st 16 years and moved to CDA, Id. My first Bob Dylan album was, "Highway 61 Revisited" The Beatles were my number 1 band, but, I liked most of the classic rockers.
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Thankful and A Question   I want to thank those artist such as Osnoff who puts music up as free downloads so other artists can download and build upon their music.

Now on a totally different subject.

My sound just all of a sudden quit working. I can go to my media player and/or reverbnation and the sound is just fine. So, I am wondering if anybody else is having this problem.

If anyone out there has an idea as to what the problem may be, please let me know.

Ivy Rose
Hi Ron, remembering you this holiday season, and to remind you, that there are many new songs that you will like. Tune in and listen. You will certainly like my new classic, "Born Free" and that is just one of my new songs. Days ago, I wrote you a message, but did so at the wrong place, not understanding how everything works. I hope my music did not "throw you off balance" as the saying goes.??
Ivy Rose
Hi Ron, thanks for everything and being my fan. That is really sweet of you. Much appreciation. Notice I have several new songs, but the one to watch is " Born Free" Would like for you to listen, and see if you like it. I think it is really good.
Ivy Rose
Hello Ron, so nice to see you playing my music. As you will see I have Los of new songs, and twelve albums. Fee free to check them out. I love your music, and I love the guitar. Thank you.
Hi Ron. I have a new one up - "Friend". https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13805072 Feel free to listen and comment. Cheers Holger.
Hey there thanxx for stepping by and coming as a fan. Have a nice week and greetz from Saltcastle
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