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Colleen Laylon
Colleen Laylon
Born on January 8, 1966.
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Country : Country General
Award winning Published and recorded Country songwriter with a God Given talent for tugging at the heart strings with her true to life universal story telling song style.
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I'm an open book one who definitely wears my heart on my sleeve- sometimes it gets me in trouble-in the end it's all wonderful inspiration for a Song from the Heart :) or Heartache! Please visit all my recording Artist here at Soundclick and Myspace-www.myspace.com/kuntrysongwriter, their links and Featured Photos are under my (Recording Artists Albumn), also my rotating featured Slide Show & under my favorite SC bands. Please refer to my Artist profile to read my Bio. I do read all your messages and appreciate your encouragement and support! Many musical blessings wished for all my wonderful Sound Click fellow members!
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My Space Link Exchange   Hey Friends please feel free to add me to your MySpace Friends too. I have 2 Band pages https://www.myspace.com/kuntrysongwriter and https://www.myspace.com/christiansongwriter1 ! The difference is pretty obvious :) Hope to see you here and there! Big Hugs, and yours in Song-Colleen
Domestic Violence   Survivor-Copyright Colleen Laylon, 2007

Big Willow by the stream
loneliest of all trees.
Branches hang heavy weeping,
barely blowing in the breeze-
silent cries of a weary heart,
afraid to speak or breathe.

Hope cascades down in tears of green,
proves there's still life in your leaves.
They gently caress the waters edge
challenging whatever fate may be:
As heavy rain reveals your naked roots
exposing your vulnerability.

Angry winds steal your dignity,
rob you of your precious leaves.
You cling to hope courageously
like the last leaf on your tree-
not a victim fallen to your knees,
a ...
Hi Colleen, I hope you still read your messages. Well, I think I wrote you A message a long time ago. "If the tears..." should win a Grammy. It's so strong and beautiful. Thank you for it. Best wishes, Dean Prescott (Here at Soundclick :)
Mark Catron
Hi Colleen, Great music :) I appreciate the friendship. Thank you for complimenting my music. Mark
Hi Colleen, Thanks for the friend add. Cheers
rich davis
Hey Colleen Anymore blockheads over here. I haven't been here for a while.
Colleen a big HELLO from Kitty!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my songs. I'm really glad you liked "I'm Trouble" I had a lot of fun writing it.
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