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Jay Watkins
Born on May 2, 1988.
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HipHop : Hardcore Rap
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About Me
I’m from Memphis, TN. I played basketball my whole life and wasn’t really into music when I was younger. When I was about 12, this dude moved into the neighborhood about 2 houses down from me that was about 16 and he was really into music and rap. We became friends and he introduced me to music and rapping. After that, I would just dabble into freestyling and making music. My homies and I would jack people’s beats and freestyle over them and record it. Rap was still on the back burner to basketball though and I had scholarships to go pretty much wherever I wanted to play basketball. Long story short, I left Memphis and went to college in San Fran, Idaho, and Utah. When I was in Utah, I met my dude Trey who is a music and film major at the school. He had studio equipment (mic, music program, etc.) and we started recording together when I wasn’t in practice or on the road with the team. People heard our music and loved it. Next thing I know, I had a career ending injury so I started focusing on music more and applying all my focus and energy to just that. I got better and better, and so did my music. We got an apartment together after I graduated and I couldn’t get a job for about 5 months, so all I did was make music. Now i’m just trying to get my music heard and hopefully make something out of it.
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