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Born on May 25, 1966.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Solo singer/songwriter chic...soulful, emotional songs. raw, stripped down acoustic rock
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About Me
Music is everything to me, always in my head and heart, and it truly is an addiction for me. It has always been there for me, like no other, and has gotten me thru so many things in life. I love writing music, playing guitar and bass, singing and jammin out with friends. I'm constantly adding to my library of cds, and concerts, and love catching live shows. Also love being turned onto new groups and artists, songs with substance, meaningful lyrics or interesting guitar lines really draw me in.
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New Happenings :)   It's 2015, feelin a little creative and trying to get back to the music i had detoured away from for so long. Got a new 6string end of last yr, and really enjoying it, will post a few covers for fun and hope to get some new songs of mine done as well this year. :)
Recording equipment tips?   I've had some badluck awhile back and it bums me, my 4trk recorder took a dive sometime ago, so I haven't been able to record any new tunes of mine for a long damn time. I was looking for ideas from anyone as to some economical little machines that might work for me.

I play very simple tunes....have been using a 4trk and don't need anything real big or fancy, if anyone here has any ideas or info....please leave me your thoughts....thanks! :)
Anyone diggin the blues?   Hey peeps, just wonderin how many of ya get into the blues? I didn't really start listening to any real blues artist's till early 30's, had no taste for it. Now 10yrs later, I am really diggin on sooo many blues artists, all kinds....modern electric, texas blues being my fav, 60's blues, zydeco blues, love good blues with harp, etc. So anyone else out there listen to some blues....and please do tell if ya do, what bands, artists you like. :)
Gary Johns
Very nice sounding voice, reminds me of Heart.
slacker g
I'm not even going to advertise a song. I just wanted to stop in and say hello and thanks for the great review a while back. I hope you get a good recording system so you can keep maintain the vibe.
Johnny Yellowheel
Ms Strummer... Please take a listen to "SAILOR". Not perfect..a few bumps which we will try to address.. but we felt it was imortant that it appear at this time. I hope you will agree and share it if you like. Take care, Johnny
Johnny Yellowheel
Thank you Ms Strummer... go on line and check out NPR - "All Songs Considered". Send them the ones you love the most.. Johnny
Johnny Yellowheel
Ms Strummer.. we've got a couple of new tunes (not sure if I facebooked you this) - I forget a bit now and then. But just in case.. "Ancient of Days" and "Own True Love" might be just what the Doctor ordered... also, they are on free download should you want them in your cruise. Hope you are alright.. it will all work out. Take care of yourself.. Johnny
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