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Walt Hardy Grimes
orange, nj  USA
Born on December 20, 1978.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
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About Me
Rime Child 'the Brick City Bastard' is a Newark, NJ native who's lyrical style and delivery are absolutely infectious! Hip Hop has been a major influence to this artist ever since his mother first played Rappers Delight to the young emcee during his formative years. From that moment, [Child] knew that Hip Hop was the culture that he wanted to devote his energy and talent to. "I was in the Roberto's Pizza on Chancellor Avenue in Newark when I heard Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh's 'The Show'. I fell in love for the first time in that pizza parlor and have been chasing Hip Hop ever since." Child began penning rhymes in the eighth grade emceeing under the name 'King C. Caliph', and by the time he enrolled in college he and a friend called 'Exit5 aka CrizCrizis' had started a group called the 'Dropweilers'. "I wrote a rhyme referring to myself as the rhyme child and it stuck. RIMECHILD became my stage name from that point on, and stands for Rhythmically Interpreting Musical Energy while Caging Haters into Lyrical Dungeons. Child explored his musical creativity by collaborating his talents with several crews including the Def Defying Troopers, Rooftop, Cypha Addix and Novel. "Hardy Grimes is basically a combination of Novel and Cypha Addix combined and it's a beautiful thing!" Today, Child finds himself working towards musical perfection with his Hardy Grimes family. "We are all men, fathers, and nine to fivers as well as lyricists, producers, and artists. The range of talent and creativity is boundless. Some groups may have one good producer, we have three. Other groups may have one standout emcee, but in Hardy Grimes you have various extraordianry emcees. We are definitely preparing to raise the bar to the next level in music game."
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