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WHO van Staveren
Onstwedde, GR  Netherlands
Born on January 6, 1953.
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Rock : Rock General
All style band
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About Me
Guitarplayer, bassguitarplayer, songwriter, amongst others...
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pocket reference
You are welcome regarding station add, I appreciate your abilities/talents. some very good works
CountMeInFreddie - Classy and jazzy bass and lead guitar that swings...Swell arrangement and top shelf recording. Really love the break where the bass just walks so elegantly. Awesome track
Hey Al, Thanks for your nice comment on my tune BossyBass, I appreciate that! You got some nice songs posted too, by the way... CU, Oscar
Listen to BossyBass...Again a very enjoyable track. Incredible bass playing...
Willy Deals
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Hi WHO van, I used your instrumental "twoloves.mp3" to create a song called Man in the Rain. For Hard Strings Riot: Lyrics by Jimmy 'FastStrings' Freed Vocal, Mixing, and Production by William 'Hardway' Miller I hope you like it my friend Here's the song page: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1007760&songID=12318523 Best of Everything to You and your music my friend! Let me know if you or a friend would like to remix this song, and I will provide separate tracks.
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