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Blu Bubs
Agusto Azul
Killeen, Texas  USA
Born on August 14, 1988.
My own artist page
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Blu August is a artist on da rize outta Killeen, TX 254 my mixtape Code L.U.P.E. The 204 Theory is TBD as of right now but I have recorded over a variety of pro
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About Me
Whut it dew, young up-n-coming artist from Killeen, Texas Blu August reppin da 254 by way of tha Westside. i'm fresh, new, hungry, and neva knew how to color in the lines. I want my musik to represent tha same thing wild, free, and trill as fuck. I'm workin on my Code L.U.P.E. mixtape relying on a completely label-free situation I feel that this is the best route to take as a new artist in the texas music scene esp n killeen. Theres a big gap in our music scene and i really want to help fill that not by myself but i definitely want to be remembered as one of the most important figures in Killeen music history. I love beat selection, ideas, concepts, and nothing feels better as a rap artist then findin a beat you fuckin love n then str8 killin tha beat n havin ppl go apeshit wen u finally record it n put it out. Code L.U.P.E.will feature mind-numbing production from various producers, introspective lyricism, and hypnotic hooks for tha streets, sheets, n otha parallels of life. Blu August's lie in his ablity to think outside the box, and create his own world within tha musc. Stayin tru to his SouthWest roots tha young Texan MC dubs tha intro on his mixtape Trill 4 Eva. The track sprints lik a racehorse to the finish line, filled with tense swirling synths behind thunderous kickdrum patterns clockin in at under a 1m 45 August's intense double-time delivery bounces with metaphors. Blu August has come a long way but there still work to be accomplished
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2 songs on tha charts at tha same damn tyme (gotta love it mane)   Price of FreeDom & my NU JOINT No K-Y both doin real gud on tha Hip-Hop & RnB charts Check those songs out as well as tha rest of my Musik on SC and Follow me on Twitter @blu_august

News for April FWM follow me on Twitter @blu_august   whut it dew Soundclick it's ya homie Blu august been a min since I did a Blog on this page. I just wana say thank y'all for the support bekuz this is where my solo musical journey started back in 2012, it's now 2014 n my numbers have grown immensely, i've been apart of collabrations and opportunites that wouldn't have been possible it if wasn't for God, and encouragement from tha artist and producers that i've been priveleged to work with. Some ppl would say having only 6 fans isn't a impact but I say to those ppl that they are fools, I would rather have 6 real fans of my musik than have 60,...
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What's up? :) Long time since I've heard from you. Just wondering if you could check out my latest beats and maybe even we could do a collab. - EF
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... The Streets Is Cold/I Keep That Thera-Flu... We had system malfunctions and hardware problems there for a hot second... and a few Big issues came about... all solved and dead... BUT BREAKING NEWS, YOU HEARD IT FIRST: ILL DA MOST Got a UPS DELIVERY YESTERDAY AND STUDIO SESSIONS are booked but I and WE here wants to still f***s with ya... were set back a little on that mixtape but I aint Gonna Leave you out to dry... my own personal opinion is it was a blessing for "you" to do a track with us...and my own personal opinion your one of the coldest Mcee's I have ever heard in my life!!! Get back with me...
Fresh Water Beatz
Waz up G!... Im al gwd down here and it has been a while, you can add find me using my real name on FB
boooooooooooooooom...wait BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM... been a minute but back Homie........ILL
its up homie dogg ur verse is so dope i swear man WOW perfecto but yea im gonna have Big Ben re-do is on his new equip. we just got him and i'll send u that copy just tell ur engineer to export the session as mp3 files not to mix them down so we can mix it with some creativity... like i said i wont drown the verse its to good!!!!! but its up FAM and u aint give me no feed back on BEAST MODE the intro...... for the album we aint gotta be stressed we got a few months to get the final version of hataz gonna die so its good.... i'll send u the track re did for u to hold onto tell u get with ur engineer but now its up the prep version ..... and i got u on copies of the album and i'll be sure to give u credits on the flyer for ur whole crew!!!!! ILL
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