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Holger Luth
Born on April 5, 1957.
Singer-songwriter here. Mainly doing Rock, Pop, Folk, but I feel that no stone should be left unturned smile :)
My own artist page
Pop : Pop Rock
Dyalock is a one man band that acts as a channel for all the musical ideas that pop up in the head of the only band member: Holger luth (that's me - hi!)
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About Me
Hi. My name is Holger Luth and I am from 1957 - you do the math :0) I have always played music as a hobby and in the recent years I also started recording some of my own songs using the band name "Dyalock". I tend to use songwriting as a form of therapy, so if you listen closely, there is a lot of me and my life hidden in my songs. For the same reason, my songs do not always comply with the usual "Hit templates". I make them the way I like them. I hope you like them too :) Feel free to listen and comment on any of my songs! Cheers Holger
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I made this video for "Strange Beauty"  
A video for "No Man's Land"  
Dyalock Player  
Just listened to a bunch of your songs and enjoyed them very much. Very well recorded and lovely accoustic sounds. I wanted to PM you so maybe you could look out for that. Cheers
Hi There, Actually my song you commented on "Let Me Go" marked the beginning of the those changes I mentioned in the comment on Firefly. I left my job a week after writing it. I'm semi retired now, and I've been building up a small business growing and selling microgreens.
marc morlock
...indeed ,a brillinat new song, 'Hold On' !!
david a briggs
Hey Holger, thanks for guiding me to your brillinat new song, 'Hold On'. I like it a lot. I've left a comment. Wow, you write and play such great songs. Have a great day... hejdå
I like this a lot. Thanks for the invite.
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