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Seclusionos Exalogicianos
Ocala, FL  USA
Born on January 18, 1954.
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About Me
08-05-2011; An accredited and award winning electronics'sound reinforcement diagnostics' and repair technician,the former jazz & hard jazz seems to be replaced more with metal,nowadays. Along about 11-14-2010,I'd successfully downloaded something for the headbangers compilation containing a raspy tune indexed as "The Emancipation" by the metal band known as "Abolish". Due to keystroke error,this cherished tune became either erased or misplaced ,needing to be redownloaded,currently. I am confident your groups' experticse will empower me with a replacement mp3 download to my stick memory,removable disc. Twenty-eight years experience trouble-shooting circuitry flaws to the component orm sub-assembly level, much of my repair experience has been gained through warranty compliance from multiple major name brand vendors.Introduced to Soundclick upwards of seven years or more ago , I thrive on the availability of exotic bands available to listen to. Living in Ocala, Florida(the arm-pit of America),I've come to finally sign in to this Open-Sourced search platform using constraint-based public library equipment - soon to have my own philanthropic impetus of a fully functional lap-top on a grant basis. All "dot.Org" agencies capable of said hardware grant are compelled to leave me contact information below: Eric Urscher ; P.O. Box 4728 ; Ocala ; Florida 34478-4728 provided this request aligns to within the scope of serices furnished to visually-impaired applicants,leaving details
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