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He Abolous
Born on August 1, 1989.
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Electronic : EDM
House, Progressive House, Vocal House, Drum n Bass, Techno, DubStep Trance and any electronic Beats of many other genres (Hiphop, Pop, classic music).
Electronic : Techno
Making Beats for ten years now, coming up with this tekkno to dubstep project for 2012! I hope you enjoy!
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About Me
Hi World! My Name is Abolous. I am a self employed artist, creating audio and visual art. I embrace fantasy and express myself in these kind of forms. My Soundscape is not limited to one genre - but I would say everything I create is electronic music, influenced by hard techno, drum and bass, hip hop, heavy metal, punk rock, as well as a little bit of classic music. Leave a comment to let me know if my music reaches you! Thanks Stay Tuned Peace Abolous
NEW TRACK UPLOADED !!!   Divin Deep - Deep Techno
New Track for 2018   A laTe Happy NeW YeAr to all!!! A little new track I produced today to start this one - FREE DoWnLoAd -- Uplifting deep house electronic music - Abolous - Peace
He Abolous
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Starting with kind of Crossover electronic Beats I have been producing instrumentals in various styles from Trance, House, Dubstep, Techno to HipHop Beats for almost 10 years now. I Love music, I love love. From time to time I upload new stuff, as the production gets better, sounds get fatter. So come by and always check out my new stuff if you like, you won`t be dismissed :) May your ears have fun! Peace
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