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Hervé Limeretz
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Instrumentals : Jazzy Beats
Alternative to mainstream and fashions, simply played and mixed. nu-jazz, jazz, fusion, latin-jazz, jazz-rock, smooth, funk, world, ambient, jungle, absolutely eclectic !
Jazz : Jazz General
BIG BAND 20 pieces
Pop : Adult Contemporary
Songs for any people who likes Life and Freedom. Four artists worked together to create this free style. pop,euro,rock,francophone,engage,ecologiste,pacifiste,militantiste
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About Me
My mother put me on a piano when i was 4 years old. Studying classic music for 10 years, i played with a group in the college and i have been abducted by the Rock fashion. However i begun on a stage playing tangos of Astor Piazzola to give a break to my first teacher of modern harmony who used to play with a great dance orchestra. He invited me to do this as an application of his lessons and I had my first experiences on a real stage for many Sunday afternoons for a year. I was just 17 years old when a real pop rock group engaged me, and since this day i gave my life to different musics, artists, singers. The music that i present here is a compilation of my best compos & collabs, i hope you'll enjoy. JH L. Youtube : Eclectic cast
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News about Jazz ...   Hi everybody,
the tune of T Monk "Straight no chaser" played last Summer by the Sanguinet Jazzband still is #1st up the Jazz song-covers chart for the 5ft day !
Thank you so much to who appreciated ! :)
Last update : "Straight no chaser" (T Monk) by Sanguinet Jazzband   Hi old friends !
We worked with guys of "Sanguinet Jazzband" to share our passions ... Welcome ! :) https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12277170
Hi guys, so busy with many struggles for a while, i ask for your pardon because a lack of my responses ... So, I thank a lot you who wrote so much nice words and appreciated my stuff ! Keep on touch ... :)
Happy New Year!
butterfly flew away
Coucou c'est Raphael (PPB) ... Tu traines toujours sur soundclick ? Que deviens tu ? J'espere que ca va bien :-)
Hi Nerve - Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year. Best Regards - Al -
cornell comer
Hi Herve I put up a new song of me making mistakes and having fun doing it.
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