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Bill (or Morgan)
Puyallup, WA  USA
Anything is an instrument if you're brave enough.
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Podcasts : Comedy
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Strange music for strange people.
Rock : Progressive Rock
Dollar Bill, Matt and a whole lot of instruments and vocals!
Blues : Blues Rock
Velkro Merkin is a blues-rock-progressive-whatever jam-band. Jeff, Pat, Chris, Marc and Bill all play whatever instruments they feel like in the moment.
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About Me
My primary goal with music is to amuse myself. My second (formerly third) goal is to make other musicians smile.
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More acoustic music - violin   Continuing with my promise to stick to 100% acoustic music since my 50tth birthday.

I'm old now   No more silly music, I'm old so it's not allowed. 100% serious, 100% acoustic from here on in.

Alan L Cole
Always a trip visiting your page Morgan. Cool videos!
Hey Folks, I had this in the can to finish. so here it is "I don't want to" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13891036 Have fun and please check this out. THANKS
Keith Mitchell
Hi Bill, thanks for the great comments. I used the piccolo because I watched a Blues Doc recently. As you already know the blues is slighly different depending on the region it comes from in the south. Delta blues is more guitar based, other parts traditional instruments like violins, strings were used way back. I watched a YouTube of an old guy filmed recently playing a picolo that he just made there and then from a piece of wood. He had a string quartet backing him. Flute is another instrument used a lot too. Just done a short blues/jazz chord progression improv duet with Tenor sax and piano only. Upload at some point. Have a great week Bill and I loved your track. You are so original on here, love it!
Oh by the way Bill, I like silly. I'll try and check out more of your page over the coming week. Cheers Roger
Thx to listening and commenting on "GiveMeAStiffOneBarkeep". I hope you enjoyed the humour that I hope lay therein. Cheers Roger
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