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Eli Diaz
chicoppe, MA  Egypt
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About Me
what up everyon im Eijah Diaz im the one who is mainly on this but this for my team and I were called Young All stars / Ambition boyz . our team consits of many difenernt original talented artists with motivation and ambition anddedication to each and evey persons dreams and our team. what ihave to offer my team? im a young mc , writter, and producer, I play the keys and dont use chops or samples in our beats ,my main partner in thisis named nino ,heis a verry talented and ambitius hungry mc , and also producer he comes from phillidelphia , we our booth trying to expand our reach and get our team bigger .were grinders not sleepes , and we all trying to ake itto the topandeeryonein our team deserves that nd needs it , we love any comment you can write so please voice your oppinion when we start putting our music out on here shout out to all you producrs and mcs and singer sand writter and dream chasers i respect and lov yall crft keep grinding and do better then what is expected amd please hmu if your interested with linking up or the team and that goes for everyone and anyone keep shinning on em #Young All stars
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Eli Diaz
[last edited on Fri Dec 14, 2012 @ 04:21 AM]
i would like to introduce theteam young all stars we ben on this sh*** for a minuet and listening and collcting the hottest beats everyone has put on this and producers keep doingyour thing im a producer myself and mc dancer and songwriter so irespect everyones craft im making a mix tape as we speak an iwill be putting our music on this and i would really and out of themost humblenesss apretiate if everyone subscribe to itwhen it drops and giveme fed back as group of artists we apretiate creative critisism also im always trying to link up withartist and producers so if any of you are interested please hmu and everyone out there just know you dream is closer then you think keep grinding dont sleep on your dreams persue em # young all stars
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