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Laurence Wilson
atom rot
St Helens, United Kingdom
Born on September 1, 1970.
My own artist page
Acoustic : Acoustic Folk
Singer songwriter, playwright. Influenced by Syd Barret, Bowie, Pink Floyd. I want to entertain, ask questions, poke fun.
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About Me
I am working British Playwright from Liverpool. Some of my songs have featured in my plays. I have two children, who are curly whirly girly whirlies. I play guitar, but I'm technically awful, but I can write songs. I'm a big fan of music in general. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Bowie, The sex Pistols and Pink Floyd being my most influential and most revisited favourites.
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Liked littlegreenman's song The Snake. May 3, 2016
Liked littlegreenman's song Out of Time. May 3, 2016
atom rot
Would love to do that. How do I enable comments. I followed you here, now lead my good man!
Muff, you have comments disabled on your tunes! Got some bloody good stuff going on here mate :) Would love to do a little collab if you're up for it.
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