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Mer Sal
Fort Collins, CO  USA
Born on January 26, 1990.
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Pop : Pop General
The Symbols are a soulful independent band that combine stylish funk, rock, blues, and jazz to transfer unique, soul-spoken originals into a stylish pop music format. They are raising 100k for MS as we speak. A star team with a star dream.
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About Me
January 8th, 2011 Last night was a big success for us. We opened for Varlet, a band that stars Lilly Scott of American Idol. We played at Dicken's Opera House in Longmont, and we had two new managers, Olatundji and Sea G., two very wonderful people from Boulder county. The house was full last night and the sound system was beautiful. The backstage actually had a green room! There were musicians getting ready, if you know what I mean. I live a life surrounded by emotions, friends, mentors, music, sex image, and insecure, starving industry workers, beating the hell out of the system and making a living. I love my life. I wouldn't trade it for security ever. I seriously want what I'm after. You might guess what that is. If there's any incentive for you to buy our CD, it's not only the music we make, but the cause we are graciously donating to-- The Symbols' very own MS fund-- The Michael Raymond Olson MS Fund, which you can read about on our website-- www.thesymbols.net My blog is called The script if you'd like to keep up with me. Don't go after something as I have unless you really want it with your whole soul. Love, Mer Sal
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thank you for adding me
Greetings to you from "Hot'Lanta", GA... Thank you very much for including an old blues picker like me in your list of friends!!!
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