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Lansdowne, VA  USA
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rodrica Wow, yes...it's nearly July already! Have you found a place to live yet or should I send you a tent? Yeah...I know the nightmare of boxing everything up...then trying to put everything back together again. Hope all goes well.
rodrica Do ever get problems upgrading the software on your mac? I'm always having trouble with the Apple Store - always slow, often won't download or install stuff (errors) & keeps asking me to download upgrades to stuff that I haven't got.
rodrica I'm watching with interest. She reckons she's a firm feminist. They've already got her to change the way she dresses & wears her hair (it's all part of the royal rules & traditions). Let's see if her career is allowed to be of more importance than producing heirs, lol.
rodrica Lol...hope you enjoyed the dawn chorus this morning! I imagine there will be a few football shirts hidden under the formal jackets at the wedding - for some unknown reason they decided to hold the wedding on the same day as the FA Cup Final (football). If someone shouts "goal!!" in the middle of the ceremony, you'll know they're secretly watching the match on their smart phone.
Dyalock Thanks a lot, Tim. Your kind words on "So long" are much appreciated :)

Cheers Holger
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