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Pop : Adult Contemporary
Celestial songstress Angelina Bentley has emerged from her chrysalis to create Angelina Bentley & the Cosmic Party with more than just a little bit of help from her friends... her offering is a new album called "Kings & Butterflies"... it is a moody, sex
Rock : Rock n Roll
The Go-Go's meet Rob Zombie in the Purple Rain
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It's been a long time since we've done any promoting. Koalition is back up and running. We have a new video posted on our site, for the song "Freedom Wasn't Free". When you get a chance stop by and check it out & tell us what you think of the video. We are also offering free mp3 downloads on our main site. All you have to do is sign up for or newsletter on our main site to gain access to our download page. A high quality version of the video is available for download as well. you can also access the video though my profile thanks alot Aarion Lee Koalition
Acoustic Grace
Enjoy your song Happy Woman (I Would Die) a lot! Really good song!
Hi there, Had to stop by and say I'm really diggin on your "Full blown Song" love your vocals and unique style and sound, besides the chic from the pretenders....your voice also reminds me of the chic from Concrete Blonde. Added that song to a station of mine, and really like "Happy Woman", hope you girls are still rockin ;) keep on, keepin' on! ~strummergurl~
Thanks for the friendship and keep making great music! Take it Easy, Brian (blucas)
Happy New Year Best of luck to you in 2008
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