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Tom Byrne
Congleton, Cheshire  United Kingdom
Born on April 27, 1958.
My own artist pages
Rock : Progressive Rock
soace-rock, hawkwind, progressive, synth
Rock : Progressive Rock
Progressive, melodic, heavily orchestrated rock with celtic and space rock influences
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About Me
I enjoy playing with words, music and computers - so being on soundclick is no surprise really :)
Hiya, would be honoured if you would take a listen to my songs and maybe play one on your station?, rock on :) http://www.soundclick.com/asgoodwin
HiYa Tom.. Long time no see.. eh? Or Hear of ya..~ As always I really enjoy your music. Our Profile has been renamed, but we are still all friends under one umbrella, would love to have you join us at Pagan Musicians.. If you like what you hear and see, stay and call it home ! http://paganmusicians.ning.com pagan musicians hosted by : Janie Davila (kala Sunshine)
Gamma's Dave
Greetings and hallucinations, Tom! I've just finished my tenth, Fortress Earth, and hope you'll come by for a bit of a listen when you can. Good to know you're still here and feeding the faithful's souls. A very nice weekend to you, and a horde of happy listeners, Dave
Gamma's Dave
Happy new year, Tom. I'm continuing to crank the tunes out and I hope you have plenty more coming in the new year yourself. Bless ya.
Thanks for your comment Tom, and I'm pleased you think it sounds "Calvertish" - what an honour to be compared in any way alongside the master of the universe! Cheers, Jon
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