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Tim Lowe
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Born on March 17
Singer/songwriter, composer, guitarist, occasional sax, clarinet, trumpet and harmonica player.
My own artist pages
Jazz : Swing
"Original melodic jazz"
Rock : Rock General
Rock, pop, country, classical and acoustic. Anything and everything really.
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About Me
I mainly play guitar, saxophone, and trumpet but you might find me playing various other instruments, real and virtual. All the songs on my band pages are my own compositions unless stated otherwise. I've got 2 bands here, The Footnotes and swingjazza. Both of these are one-man-bands, but some of the songs have been recorded in collaboration with other artists (as indicated in the title or song details). Swingjazza - is a collection of jazz instrumentals and songs. The Footnotes is everything else, Rock, Pop, Country, Classical or any other style. I've been fortunate enough to have collaborated with some very talented SC musicians. You'll find them, and other sources of inspiration under 'my friends', and the songs in my collaborations radio station.
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wuffleonline   The longstanding SC showcase run by Larry Ludwick is still up and running at wuffleonline.com
Why not come and join us.
Hi Tim. Just saw your comment on "Sometimes". Thanks a lot! I would love to be on a "Golden Oldie Show". I feel like a Golden Oldie sometimes, or at least an Oldie.. :0)
Hi Tim. I hope you are still on SC sometimes? I have new song up called "Full Flight JUlie". Cheers Holger.
Hi, I've just checked out and commented on your Clicker's Club Movie theme pieces.Wow! oh, and a big thanks for listening to my Space Fleet themed movie theme. I really appreciate your kind comments on what I now realize, is in comparison, a very Lo-Fi effort. I need to up my game sonically. Well, my excuse is that I'm only using an ancient 'budget' recording programme...Adobe Audition (version 1.5) Cheers.
Hey thanks for the comment on my creepy creation. Good to see you at the club and some of the ol' gang. :)
Just having a look around Tim. Cya
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