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Bill Schnier
Matthews, NC  USA
Born on February 21, 1953.
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About Me
"Jack of all Trades", photography and music addict, with professional experience as an actor, animal trainer, sales and marketing guy, customer service rep, radio announcer, voice-over artist, photographer, journalist and office worker. Considered to be adenturous, fun-loving and very open-minded in every regard. Also visit my FB page at http://www.facebook.com/billschnier where you can be a friend there also! Always looking to make new friends and to expand my conscious experience! Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8
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Liked Amethyste Lyne's playlist Amethyste's Ethereal Station. Jun 9, 2013
Liked Counting Clouds's song Cafe Aquarious. Apr 6, 2013
Liked elu's song Walking Through Time. Apr 6, 2013
Liked Musan Dera's song Garuda. Apr 6, 2013
Liked Musan Dera's song Shanghai Nostalgia. Apr 6, 2013
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Liked John Battema's song October Nights. May 7, 2012
Thank you very much Bill, for adding "Shanghai Nostalgia" to your station. Hope everything is alright with you and many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
A happy new year, Bill, and thanks for your support in 2012. Greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Hi Bill, I'm just passing to tell you I've got a new track, called "Chachachazz". Hope everything is alright with you. Cheers, Alexander.
Hi Bill, Hope everything is alright with you. I just want to let you know I've got a new one, called "Qin Qiang". Hope you like it. Greetings again from far Belgium, Alexander.
And another one. I discovered a song here, called "Zero 7" of the band bjjjj. Zero 7 happened to be a professional duo who work together with different singers too and suddenly this song was called "Destiny" (the female singer is Sia). They are in the downtempo genre (something for you) and I'm just crazy about their work, but the rest is not on SoundClick. Greetings again, Alexander.
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