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Jaime Cazares
Salt Lake City, UT  USA
Born on July 25, 1991.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
We are up and coming, dropping heat, the trilly treal, copping, re-copping, and staying on top, no slacking, steady macking, with the hottest beats. Be on the l
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About Me
D474 is the product of a life of poverty, the product of never having anything handed to him, the product of a capitalistic, unbalanced, socioeconomic system. "My early child-hood was of extreme poverty. As I grew up I became surrounded by drugs, without knowing it I was deep in the game at an early age. It seemed we were alright, we finally had money, even a house. I had my own room for once in my life, then it all fell down on us. Ever since then, whatever barely-hanging threads of a family I had disappeared. I went to Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, all in an effort to survive, together, keeping my family out of jail. Now finding myself by myself, I'm struggling to eat and pay bills. I try every day to fight the pull of the system we are contained in. I try every day to keep my integrity intact, but the game keeps pulling me in. I know I'm not the only one too..." D474 has come out of extreme circumstances and overwhelming odds to send a message, and work towards a conscious change in our environment. -One Love, D474/DATA
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