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Derrick lambert
Waukesha, WI  USA
Born on October 14, 1981.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
Hi I am DJLambchops . I'm constantly learning new things in music production. I like trancy. electronica music mixed with rap or hip-hop. Sometimes I work a little with pop or sometimes gangsta rap to be intense.
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About Me
Music is my passion. I wanna continue to learn everything there is to know about music production.
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Radio Roses   Oh Look,
a latte queen in front of me,
2 weeks past of me
need to fix the delorean,
cuz I need to rewind to see,
it might have been a 2 week
rain check,
double rainbow timing thing,
a dream?
yes a little sugar n cream,
love beam,
she made my latte in a coffee shop,
but wait mmm stop,
am I false idolizing,
fantasizing, ohh neverminding,
I can't steal her from my bro,
you know?
what I mean? So....
but she looks so fly making that latte steam,
maybe I'm jumping 2 conclusions we'll see,
2 days later another double rainbow love beam,
as another may be the real thing,
as I see a halo and angel wings...
BreathTaking   At the library with writers block

thinking what the f***, why am I stuck,

trying to make a buck,

I pray to God he can change my luck,

at this moment I'm in this pit,

and it's bottomless, darkness,

thank goodness, and god gives forgiveness,

and taught me the difference,

between contentment and happyness,

treasure chest hidden under cement,

with a coded document, of a person who is different,

a person who is heaven sent,

just like the 9/22 angel that knew,

exactly what to do, gotta get that angel tattoed,

and omg she smelt so good too,

it was a heavenly perfume,

zoom zoom, zoom ...
4/20 Snap   yeah, walking, thinking, listening,
2 my mp3, music and beats 4 free,
the music soothing me,
pupils dilated, mood high lifted,
think i'll take a shower,
so fresh and so clean clean power,
get the baby powder
the flow is smooth ride n
then I noticed the player is gone no find n,
get mad teeth grindin,
nothing else matters nevermindin,
without music feel like crying,
was it my roomate, no he wouldn't take,
but wait, maybe while i create,
my thinking mind state, sometimes can complicate,
who the f*** snatched it, and grabbed it,
its gone so i spit, pick up this chair and throw it,
did a leg bust ...
T.D.B Entertainment
Whatz good!. Check out my beats and rate them/leave a comment and tell me what you think. thanx Also fan dem
yo i seen ur message super late lol -- "science swag" haha i like that.. stay up tho bro!
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